Located in the north-east of Paris (Pantin), just next to the Hoche metro station, Cairos offers a editing, mixing and recording studio, a lounge area and a screening room.

We welcome collaborators at all stages of production, from writing to pre-production or post-production, during which we pay particular attention to exchanges and communication.

The studio

The studio is equipped with a 5.1 listening system calibrated to cinema and broadcast standards.  It is configured for sound editing, sound design and music production. It’s accoustic and high quality recording facilities permit also the reception of actors for voice recording and post-synchronization or voice-overs.

Lounge area

Because it is important to have a place dedicated to meeting and exchange, we provide this open-space to organize work meetings, prepare post-production schedules and offer a discussion environment conducive to creation.

Screening room

We have a screening room equipped with a digital projector and a stereo sound system. This space allows us to organize large screen projections throughout the work phases with the film teams. At the end of the image editing process, we also use it to establish, in the best listening conditions, the detection of direct sound from the shooting.

The Garage

The Garage is a space whose acoustics are of great interest to us. Located at the entrance of the building, we can transform it into a recording studio if the resonnances of the place are suitable for the needs of the production.

Our external partners

For foley and mixing work in Dolby cinema format, we regularly call upon our network of approved auditoriums – such as, to name but a few, Polyson, Yellow Cab, Studio Line.